Happy New Year 2023!

Happy New Year from the EEI group! We hare excited to continue with our research as well as start some new, very intriguing projects at the Lammi research station this year.

Congratulations Dr. Chiara De Pasqual!

From left to right: Prof. Matthew Symonds, Prof. Emily Burdfield-Steel, Dr. Chiara De Pasqual, Prof. Astrid Groot & Prof. Johanna Mappes The whole EEI group congratulates our very own Chiara De Pasqual, who successfully defended her PhD on the 2nd of December. Her thesis “On the maintenance of intrapopulation genetic variation: the interplay between sexual…

New publication sheds light on the downsides of antibiotic use

Antibiotics are generally used to both increase and accelerate the growth of livestock. However, a new publication by three members of our group – Juan Galarza, Liam Murphy and Johanna Mappes – finds that the growth benefits gained by antibiotic use may come costly. In this study, moth larvae that were treated with growth-inducing antibiotics…