We have a new PhD student!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our new PhD student, Chiara De Pasqual! Chiara graduated in Padova but she did her Masters thesis with us, within the ERASMUS exchange program. She will be studying the role of chemical communication in sexual selection using the wood tiger moths as a study system. Welcome, Chiara!



Congratulations, Dr. Rönkä!

Our PhD Student Katja Rönkä successfully defended her thesis entitled “Evolution of signal diversity: predator-prey interactions and the maintenance of warning colour polymorphism in the wood tiger moth Arctia plantaginis“. We are so proud of you!

DSC09539Version 2

PhD Students Needed

We are looking for 2 PhD students to work in the project “Chemical communication in wood tiger moths”  under the topics: “Following the first tracks of speciation: divergence of wood tiger moth populations in the Caucasus, Western Asia” and “Sexual communication and mate preference via pheromones”. The student will join Prof. Johanna Mappes’ group but the work will be conducted in collaboration with Prof. Astrid Groot (U. Amsterdam); he/she is expected to start no later than April 15th 2018. Application deadline: Dec 8th, 2017, details here. If you have further questions about the position please email us: aplantaginis.research[at]

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