New publication sheds light on the downsides of antibiotic use

Antibiotics are generally used to both increase and accelerate the growth of livestock. However, a new publication by three members of our group – Juan Galarza, Liam Murphy and Johanna Mappes – finds that the growth benefits gained by antibiotic use may come costly. In this study, moth larvae that were treated with growth-inducing antibioticsContinue reading “New publication sheds light on the downsides of antibiotic use”

Congratulations to our new graduates!

Eetu Selenius and Jenna Lommi have completed their Master’s Degrees. Eetu’s thesis: The effects of sex pheromone on female attractiveness and its role in maintaining color polymorphism in Arctia plantaginis. Jenna’s thesis: Influence of colour, smell and taste on the survival of the wood tiger moth (Arctia plantaginis) adults during predation event.