PhD Students



Liam Murphy‘s main research interest revolves around the interactions between invertebrates and their endosymbiotic bacterial communities. Currently he is looking at the potential positive and negative impacts these communities have on the wood tiger moth, its development, and its defense systems.



Chiara De Pasqual joined our research group in March 2018 to work on sexual selection and chemical communication in the wood tiger moth (Arctia plantaginis). Her main interests lie on polymorphic colouration, animal behaviour and chemical communication. She is now focusing on the potential differences at the genotype and pheromone level in the wood tiger moth within the Finnish populations.



Cristina Ottocento joined us as a PhD student in January 2019. She’s interested in understanding theĀ mechanisms that drive speciation, particularly the role of chemical communication in the apparent ongoing divergence process between the Caucasus and European wood tiger moth populations.

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