Senior Researchers and Postdocs

Senior Researchers

Juan Galarza (Own funding)

Juan is interested in elucidating the molecular bases of colour polymorphisms and evolutionary novelties. Juan also studies how microbial symbionts can induce alternative modes of evolution on their host species.




Anne Winters

Anne is researching wood tiger moth chemical defenses. She is interested in chemical diversity and variation within aposematic species and the role different defense compounds play in protecting prey. She is also interested in the costs associated with obtaining chemical defenses, which can help to explain the variation seen in nature.

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Liisa Hämäläinen

Liisa is a behavioural and evolutionary ecologist interested in prey warning signals and predator learning and information use. She is currently a visiting fellow at Macquarie University in Australia where she investigates variation in warning signals in an aposematic tiger moth (Amata annulata).


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