Emily Burdfield-Steel studies the chemical defences of the wood tiger moth. She is particularly interested in variation in these chemicals within and between different populations, and how this interacts with warning signal variation. She is also investigating the costs associated with the production of chemicals used for defence as these costs may be driving the variation seen in nature.



Juan Galarza



Swanne Gordon is currently an Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Fellow whose research focuses on how interactions, such as a trade-off between natural and sexual selection, may drive diversity in systems under positive frequency dependent selection. Her study systems are the guppy and the wood tiger moth.



Carita Lindstedt



Ossi Nokelainen



Bibiana Rojas uses field observations and behavioural assays to study the colour variation of animals that use chemical defences to deter predators, and how this variation can evolve and be maintained. She does this using great and blue tits as model predators, and wood tiger moths and poison frogs as model prey. The ultimate goal of her research is to improve our understanding about the origin and maintenance of the great diversity of life forms on our planet.




Janne Valkonen



Former Postdocs

Dalial Freitak

Rémi Charge

Catherine Soler

Atsushi Honma

Joanneke Reudler Talsma

Hannah Rowland

Sami Merilaita


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