Masters and Bachelors Students

Masters Students

Eetu Selenius is studying the sex pheromones of Arctia plantaginis to see if female genotype has an effect on the pheromone produced and thus potentially the female’s attractiveness. This may help us better understand the potential role of sexual selection in maintaining two aposematic colour morphs.

Jenna Lommi is studying how variation in colour, smell, and taste interact to influence the survival of the wood tiger moth during predation.

Marjut Mähönen is studying the costs and fitness trade-offs of pyrrolizidine alkaloid sequestration in a generalist herbivore, the wood tiger moth.

Riccardo Tambornini will start an Erasmus internship program in January 2020. He is interested in how variation in sequestered chemical chemical defenses influences defense against predators.

Burak Dogan is studying climate change induced constraints on adaptive coloration in wood tiger moths.

Sanni Silvasti is studying behavioural thresholds of blue tit colour vision and the effect of chromatic complexity in finding prey.

Franzisko de Moraes Rezende is studying how variable light conditions affect warning signal efficacy in an aposematic polymorphic moth.


Bachelors Students

Matleena Hänninen and Liisa Kartano are studying mechanisms of sexual selection to find whether higher female attractiveness translates into faster mating.
Nina Immonen and Tuisku Siirilä 
With global climate change leading to more extreme, unpredictable weather phenomenon, one of the risks animals living in the northern hemisphere face is unseasonable cold snaps in spring and early summer. For species incapable of dealing with the challenges this brings leaves them exposed to decreased levels of fitness. In this case, the wood tiger moth is being used as a model for high latitude lepidoptera and how such weather events could effect them. Together, Nina and Tuisku have been testing the resilience of Arctia plantaginis larvae to different durations of temperatures below freezing.
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